The Sun Gong


CD's, DVD's & MOTS App

by Sotantar Suraj

Music used for meditation, transformation and healing by tuning in to the frequencies of the Planet Gongs, Tibetan Bowls and Mantras.

How to choose which Planet Gongs to listen to and meditate with:

1. One way would be intuitively for whatever feels right to you. By listening to the 11 Gongs CD and find which Planet Gong sound frequency resonates most with you.

2. By looking at the Planet Gong descriptions and key words and deciding the areas that you would like to enhance or transform.

3. By the ruling planet of your astrological sign or consulting your astrological chart.

4. Experience a personalized Gong Bath with the 11 Planet Gongs.  You will hear each Planet Gong individually and collectively to help you decide which planet frequencies most resonate with you.


5. Contact Sotantar for a recommendation based on your areas of interest at:






1 - For Endurance, Strenght or Courage: SUN GONG


2 - For Communication, Clear Thinking: MERCURY GONG


3 - For Sensuality, Love, Gain Perpective: VENUS GONG


4 - For Sexuality or Emotional Issues: MOON GONG


5 - For Relaxation, Opening The Heart: EARTH GONG


6 - For Energy or Assertiveness: MARS GONG


7 - For Trust or Feelings of Prosperity: JUPITER GONG


8 - For Understanding or Concentration: SATURN GONG


9 - For Spontaneity or Fluidity: URANUS GONG


10- For Vision or Inspiration: NEPTUNE GONG


11- For Integration,Purification,Letting Go: PLUTO GONG







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CD's - $20 each + shipping


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SUN GONG - (I Am) Leo/Fire

Energizing, Purifying Healing, Power of Will, Personal Power, Strength, Endurance

Enhances the perception of one’s own center, the magical and transcendental, is beyond all imagination bringing the listener into new dimensions and to a state where good and bad, shame and guilt, time and space, being and not-being are transcended.


MERCURY GONG – (I Think) Gemini/Air and Virgo/Earth

Communication, Intellect, Clear Mind


VENUS GONG - (I Love) Love, Light, Joy

Enhances ability to feel and have love and close relationships with others.  The sense of creativity and artistry, the ability to receive, share, and increase our love of pleasure, joy, harmony and self-appreciation and love.


MOON GONGS - (I Feel) Cancer/Water

Emotional Balance, Enhanced Intuition

The Lunar cycles influence the ebb & flow of the tides and the balance of our bodily fluids and the energetic qualities of day-to-day life.


EARTH GONG - (I Experience) All signs

Relaxation, Calming, Harmonizing, Balancing

Overall well-being feeling. Gently opening on the Spiritual and Physical levels.  Letting go.  Opening the Heart.


MARS GONG - (I Will) Aries/Fire

Motivates strength, desire, action

Listening will enhance strength and desire.  Will motivate action, bringing out decisions making abilities, gives courage, strengthens sexual nature, and drive to self mastery.


JUPITER GONG – (I Trust) Sagittarius/Fire

Trust, Openness, Good Fortune


SATURN GONG – (I Do) Capricorn/Earth

Understanding, Concentration, Discipline

Enhances concentration, focus and the process of becoming aware of consciousness.  As well to be disciplined and persistent, and setting events with our self and others.  Helps to be more structured and organized, taking responsibility and completing any tasks.


URANUS GONG – (I Know) Aquarius/Air

Spontaneity, Insight, Life Changes, Freedom


NEPTUNE GONG – (I Create) Pisces/Water

Imagination, Mystical Creativity


PLUTO GONG – (I Let Go) Scorpio/Water

Purging Darkness by Bringing the Light, Dissolving the Ego, Rebirth

Heals through the purging of darkness, Bring the light



The Planets of the Solar System.



The Planets of Vedic Astrology - Sun, Mercury, Venus. Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn + Element Earth



Restorative, Grounding, Overall Well-Being on the Physical Body.

Enhancing balance and healing, assisting the mind in letting go so the body can restore itself.



Tibetan Bowls and Classical Flamenco Guitar - Journey through the Chakras


PATIENCE PAYS                                 

Mantra and Gong Meditations for self-acceptance



Mantra and Gong Meditations for self-awareness








Send an e-mail to <> with your selections, your name, shipping address, billing address, phone  number and e-mail.  You will be notified of the total amount including tax (if applicable) and shipping costs.


DVD's - $29 each + shipping


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All in One Kriya - To energize all the chakras.
A great overall workout.

A Gong Bath with Sun, Moon and Venus Gongs.

Ek Ong Kar Meditation - Moving the Kundalini energy upwards connecting with the higher self.


Subagh Kriya - To bring prosperity in all areas of life, spiritual, mental and physical.


A Gong Bath with Sun, Moon and Venus Gongs.


Trust and Fearlessness Meditation - Bringing faith, commitment, and uplifting the spirit to face any challenge.








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Is a Mobile Audio-Visual Gong Relaxation/Meditation

Tuning in with The Spheres of our Solar System


An audio-visual interactive iTunes application. Gong Master Sotantar Suraj guides you on a journey through the 14 gongs of our solar system. Also available with a Cymatics visualizer upgrade.

The Solar System Gongs, not only have the qualities of the symphonic Gongs, they are tuned in conformity with the natural harmonic series based in the orbital and cyclic properties of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Planets; as determined by Swiss scientist Hans Cousto. For more information on fundamental tones, frequencies and octaves refer to the book The Cosmic Octave - Origin of Harmony by Hans Cousto.

Named for the Greek Gods, the planets also embody significant archetypal, astrological andmythological association. Additionally, Sixth century B.C. Greek philosopher, mathematician, musician and cosmologist Pythagoras developed the concept of "The Music of the Spheres." The tone of each planet in our solar system coming together as one great cosmic chord. Solar System Gongs bring the harmonic convergence of the celestial bodies as pure sound energy.